The recertified media we supply, must pass our proprietary recertification tests, after data destruction, to ensure it meets our standards and before it can be considered for resale.

Our recertified media is backed by a lifetime warranty. In most cases we can offer the OEM packaging and j-cards or can ship in library packs depending on what you request. We carry Sony, Maxell, HP, Quantum, IBM, Dell, Imation, Fuji, and TDK tapes. In addition to LTO tapes (generations 1-5) we also have 3592 Enterprise tapes, T10K-C, VXA, 9940, 9840, 8mm, and 3590’s. If there are any items you would be interested in a quote on please contact us

Weekly Data Media Deals...
(Volume Discounts Available, MOQ applies)
New (380 pcs) Imation LTO-4 P/N 26592 / £16.50 ea
Certified (1100 pcs) Imation LTO-4 P/N 26592 / £13.50 ea
New (200 pcs) IBM LTO-4 P/N 95P4436 / £17.75 ea
New (420 pcs) Imation LTO-3 P/N 17532 / £15.50 ea
New (320 pcs) IBM LTO-3 P/N 24R1922 / £16.50 ea
New (2000 pcs) IMATION 3590J P/N 43832 / £20 ea
Certified (1500 pcs) IBM 3590K P/N 05H3188 / £15 ea
New (200 pcs) IBM 3590 Cleaning Tape P/N 05H4435 / £49 ea
While Supplies Last!

Reasons to buy recertified media - 

  • Full tape testing, even the manufacturers don't do this
  • All individually tested for performance equal to new.
  • Better Pricing
  • Cosmetically A-Grade
  • Stock Availability
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fast shipment
  • 24 years in business selling tape media
  • Barcode labels included if needed

3592, JJ, JB, JC, MLR-1, LTO-1,LTO-2, LTO3, LTO-4, LTO-5, LTO-6, 4mm DDS-4, DDS-5, DAT72, DAT160, DAT320, 8mm AIT-135C, SDX135C, 8mm VXA, and all types of cleaning cartridges

In regards to the buybacks we do understand security is of the utmost importance. The data destruction we provide on the tapes is [insert here] compliant and we issue a certificate of destruction once the process is complete. We work with major corporations, financial institutions, colleges, municipalities, oil and gas companies, and electronic recyclers. All are confident in our process and we have never had an issue in 24 years that we have been in business. We appreciate laws are always changing and data protection is becoming more stringent and with good reason.

We buy many tapes from Asia & Europe.  Don't forget your clients with data centers. We can buy from you and pick up from anywhere in the world. Contact me for an offer right away.  We buy surplus, new and used tapes, magnetic media, & data cartridges (large and small quantities)

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to see some pricing on any specific items you may need.