At ImageStore we continue to offer customers the availability of our repairs program.

Working in partnership with several leading manufacturers we are able to offer cost effective repairs on Hard disk, Optical Drive and Tape Drive Hardware.

You'll benefit from:       

  • Fixed Price Repairs
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Minimum 90day warranty
  • Advance Exchange available
  • Free Inspection and Repair Quotes

For more information please call ImageStore on 02380 010041 or use the live chat for an instant quote.

Older Drives

Data Storage Broker Parts

In the rapidly changing world of technology, maintaining your systems can be problematic. Keeping up with every technological advance could mean replacing your data storage hardware several times a year.

On the other hand, many companies are now looking carefully at their environmental responsibilities. By replacing worn parts rather than renewing your systems, you could not only reduce your costs, but also help reduce your carbon footprint.

Additionally, your systems might be dependent on the running of a specific piece of equipment. With the rapid changes in technology, it is not always possible to replace ‘like for like'. ImageStore has a large number of drives which are no longer manufactured. These drives are also known as 'end of life' or 'broker' parts or drives. ImageStores Broker Parts service could be the solution you are looking for to extend the life of your hardware or systems.

World-wide Network

Over the past 20 years, sourcing parts in the UK, and even Europe, has become increasingly difficult. To combat this problem, ImageStore has built up an extensive world-wide network of contacts. This means we can source parts or hard drives from every corner of the globe. If ImageStore can't find the part you're looking for, it probably doesn't exist!

Sony, Panasonic, Plextor and Pioneer Drives

ImageStore specialises in End of Life Sony Magneto Optical Drives, Panasonic DVD Ram drives, Plextor CDRW drives and Pioneer DVDRW drives. Many of these drives are held in stock. If your selected drive is not available from stock, it may be possible to source the model or part you are looking for. ImageStore has a number of contacts world-wide, and can undertake to source the parts you need. Simply let us know the model or part numbers you require, and the ImageStore Broker Parts team will do its best to help you.