4TB LaCie Rugged RAID

Posted on July 1st, 2015

ruggedThe Wait is Finally Over!

4TB Rugged RAID is Now Shipping.

The 4TB LaCie® Rugged RAID, one of the toughest all-terrain mobile storage devices on the market, is now available from ImageStore Limited.

Packing twice the speed and capacity of a standard mobile hard drive in its compact design, the LaCie Rugged features:

  • 4TB of storage (the equivalent of thirty 128 GB memory cards)
    • Thunderbolt™ and USB 3.0 for speeds of up to 240MB/s
    • Bus powered via Thunderbolt for mobile workflows
    • Hardware RAID 0/1 flexibility for speed or security
    • Shock, dust, and water resistance for all–terrain use

Tough in the Field
The LaCie Rugged has been tested to withstand drops of up to 1.5 meters (5 feet), so whether your LaCie Rugged falls out of your backpack or is being crushed by stacks of suitcases in the airplane cargo hold, your data will stay safe and secure.

Bigger on the Inside
On thraide outside, the LaCie Rugged RAID is only 40% bigger than a standard Rugged drive – but has double the capacity on the inside with 4 TB of storage space. With this capacity, the LaCie

Rugged can store the equivalent of thirty 128 GB memory cards, and lets you carry fewer drives while capturing more photos, footage, and other types of content in the field.

Fast and Secure
As the ultimate solution for on-the-go professionals, the LaCie Rugged adapts to your needs for performance or completely data security. The LaCie Rugged has a fast Thunderbolt interface and two internal hard drives that are preconfigured in hardware RAID 0 for sustained performance of up to 240 MB/s. With this speed, you can transfer 64 GB of content in less than five minutes.

Leave the LaCie Rugged in RAID 0 (striped mode) to maximize speed and capacity, or choose RAID 1 (mirrored mode) to have your data duplicated across the two drives. So even if one drive fails in the field, your files remain safe and accessible on the other drive.

The LaCie Rugged is now available. The LaCie Rugged is the ideal storage solution for professionals who need to carry or transfer massive amounts of data in the field.

For more information or to place an order please call ImageStore on 02380 736500. Or you can buy online at www.imagestore.co.uk

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