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Posted on January 21st, 2015

infotrendInfotrend brings you reliability, performance, and cost efficiency.

At ImageStore we have begun to move all our Broadcast and Media customers over to the Infortrend EonNAS.


 We have seen a lot more block level unified use of NAS in the Media environment simply using the NAS as an iSCSI target often to store media files and films while sharing the data over the network allowing excellent integration and versatility as a unified platform, thus simplifying access.

We find a lot of the rack-mount NAS products in the market aren’t suited to storing business critical data as they often come from a SOHO background. The features we find in the Infortrend range offer Enterprise level performance and data integrity at an affordable price.

Features such as the ZFS file system which protects against silent data corruption. The modular design, which allows you to change host interface by simply changing the host board and the dual true active/active controllers for real enterprise performance make the product range very compelling.

Infortrend products are already being used widely within the Media industry with the likes of the BBC utilising their systems for the last 11 years. We had already had good experiences with the block based EonStor DS SAN products so offering the EonNAS range was a simple move.

They offer some of the best technical support we have ever experienced, we have even had close contact with the Head of Technical for EMEA, they really do go the extra mile to help their end users and resellers!

 EonNAS 1000 best for…

  • File sharing for productive team work
  • Backup of vital data where fault tolerance is a must
  • Surveillance footage archiving

EonNAS 3000 best for…

  • High availability and multiple host options
  • High scalability and flexible drive support
  •  ZFS support and rich data services
  • Designed for easy maintenance

If you are looking for a Storage solution suited to the Media IT market we proudly recommend Infortrend to our customers.

For more information and pricing please get in touch with ImageStore on 02380 736500, email: stuart@imagestore.co.uk or go online at www.imagestore.co.uk

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