LTO-6 – Why move ?

Posted on August 3rd, 2015

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Ask yourself. Is it time to upgrade your backup solution ? 

We know your data is important.

See the benefits of the latest LTO-6 generation :

  • Large capacity to store data (up to 6.25TB per tape)
  • Increased transfer speeds (up to 400mb/sec)
  • LTFS functionality – drag and drop method for file sharing etc.quaiMAGES4
  • Read & Write to LTO-5 and 6 tapes, Read LTO-4 tapes.
  • Prices are decreasing for the LTO-6 tapes.
  • LTO-3 and 4 tapes increasing slightly.

Reasons to move:

Whether you only have one backup solution ie. NAS. With the explosion of data capacity you should be looking at transferring your data across to ‘cold’ storage. Keep your data safe – it’s important, can you afford to lose it?
Whether you are using an older LTO generation ie 3 or 4. The benefits now of using LTO-6 are worth it. Make the change now. Less admin and less tapes required.
Are you using other backups ie DAT, AIT etc these are older technology. Where will they be and where will you buy the hardware and media in 10 years? LTO is here to stay and future proofing is already in development with Generation 10 and beyond.

Upcoming LTO formats and specifications – the future is safe with tape

  • LTO-7: 16 TB tape capacity, data transfer rates up to 788 MBps and uncompressed capacity/throughput of 6.4 TB per 315 MBps.
  • LTO-8: 32 TB tape capacity, data transfer rates of up to 1,180 MBps and uncompressed capacity/throughput of 12.8 TB per 472 MBps.
  • LTO-9: 62.5 TB tape capacity, data transfer rates of up to 1,770 MBps and uncompressed capacity/throughput of 26 TB per 708 MBps.
  • LTO-10: 120 TB tape capacity, data transfer rates of up to 2,750 MBps and uncompressed capacity/throughput of 48 TB per 1,100 MBps.

Previous LTO format specifications

LTO-1 was released in 2000. It was the first iteration of the LTO magnetic tape data storage technology that was an open standard alternative to the formats available at the time.

LTO-2 was released in 2002 with a capacity of 200 gigabytes (GB). It doubled the capacity and speed of LTO-1, improving capacity from 100 GB to 200 GB and speed from 20 MBps to 40 MBps.

LTO-3, released in 2005, offers 400 GB capacity (800 GB compressed). LTO-3 introduced the write once, read many (WORM) feature that writes information to the tape once and prevents it from being erased. LTO-3 has native sustained data transfer rates of up to 245 GB per hour, compressed sustained data transfer rates of up to 324 GB per hour and a compressed burst transfer rate of 160 megabytes per second (MBps). Both the capacity and data transfer rates for LTO-3 assume a 2:1 compression ratio.

LTO-4, released in 2007, offers 800 GB capacity (1.6 TB compressed). It was the first LTO tape format to include 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard-Galois Counter Mode drive-level encryption.

LTO-5 format, first released in 2010, has a capacity of about 3 terabytes with data transfer rates of up to 280 MBps. LTO-5 tape capacity assumes a 2:1 compression ratio; uncompressed capacity/throughput is 1.5 TB per 140 MBps.

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