Drobo – the first 64TB NAS system

Posted on February 1st, 2016


DroboTM, the maker of smart storage arrays for businesses and professionals launched the B810n hybrid storage system. Built on the award-winning BeyondRAIDTM technology, coupled with hybrid storage and innovative data aware tiering, the Drobo B810n is 5-times faster than its predecessor and delivers a level of automation and technical sophistication usually reserved for more expensive enterprise solutions. The product is accessible to all, even the novice technology user, and is set apart from every other storage array at its price point with its ease of use and ability to protect storage in many ways.

B810N“We believe there is a large portion of the market that really values simplicity,” said Drobo CEO Mihir Shah.“The founders of the company came from enterprise storage backgrounds and the problem they were trying to solve was, ‘How can we make this simple?’, and we continue to develop products that are easy to use and have cutting edge technology.”

The Drobo B810n is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. It is used to simplify and consolidate both physical and virtual storage in a single array with “on-demand” ability to scale both capacity and performance. This Drobo model allows for more effective work collaboration, the storage of creative workflows, the ability to set up an advanced home entertainment system complete with personal media libraries and a trustworthy, easy-to-use backup system.

Hybrid Storage and Tiering

The Drobo B810n automates the tuning array for applications that have different storage access patterns. Its ability to automatically tier frequently used transactional data from stored data that’s seldom used enables businesses to consolidate storage resources and share that storage across all connected clients and their applications.

Drobo’s storage is a unique blend of high-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) and high performance solid state drives (SSDs) working together simultaneously for both read and write acceleration. This process happens automatically and transparently as soon as SSD drives are added to the Drobo. Drobo intelligently differentiates between streaming and transactional data to enable instantaneous and intelligent data tiering that increase overall performance by directing transactional data to the SSDs. As data access patterns change, Drobo automatically reallocates the data between the HDDs and SSDs to maximize performance. The result is fast redundant storage with a fast read cache for application- optimized solution that requires no manual tuning.

Sophisticated, Trustworthy and Simple Data Protection

The Drobo B810n boasts many new features in data protection capabilities including a battery-backed cache and eUSB to protect data not yet written to disk from loss in the event of a sudden power failure.

The Drobo B810n also features active background data scrubbing, periodically verifying all user data and metadata, and regularly searching and repairing corruption and inconsistencies. Its patent pending cache pre-heat provides recovery after power failure of cache metadata saved to disk.

The B810n is built with Drobo’s award-winning BeyondRAID technology that protects users’ data without any intervention, even in the event of multiple drive failures. Users can switch from single to dual disk redundancy with a single click for enterprise-level dual parity data protection. Should a drive fail, Drobo will automatically return the data to a protected state without intervention or disruption, making it self- healing with its virtual hot-spares.

“The new Drobo B810n is different from every other network storage device in its price class because it protects your data in many more ways,” said Drobo VP of Products Mark Fuccio, “especially the battery-backed cache, which is not offered by other competitors and unique in using a blend of both SSDs and HDDs for more speed and storage capacity.”

Drobo B810n Datasheet

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