Posted on April 26th, 2016

LTO-7 Ultrium Tape Drives for Data Protection and Retention

LTO-7 tape drives deliver reliable data protection with huge capacity and performance at an affordable price. In addition, they use less power than LTO-5 drives, making a “greener” and more energy efficient solution.

LTO is the best long term storage medium for data, with a shelf life of 30 years removable for offsite storage & is encryptable to protect data (AES 256 bit – military grade encryption).

  • LTO7 with 6 GB SAS interface gives a Native Capacity of 6TB and compressed capacity of 15TB with a 2.5-1 compression Ratio
  • Native Performance of 300MB/sec and 750MB/Sec compressed.
  • Backward read and write to LTO6 and Read LTO5

The LTO-7 drive uses the latest industry-standard interface 6Gb/s SAS to allow for easy installation and integration into data centres.

Benefits of upgrading to LTO-7:

  • Drives – Faster performance; fewer drives needed
  • Service – Fewer drives; fewer service contracts
  • Media – Reduce tapes needed by 75%, and we’re buying you 20 for each drive purchased
  • Vaulting – 4X more capacity per tape; lower tape vaulting costs


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