LTO 8 Tapes

LTO Ultrium 8 Tapes are now available
What can I use instead of LTO 8 tapes?
LTO-7 tape media can be used in LTO 8 tape drives and has an uncompressed storage capacity of 6TB and a compressed capacity of up to 15TB.
LTO 7 tape can also be formatted as “M8” tape.  LTO-7 "Type M media" is a new LTO-7 tape format with an "M8" label - when initialized it can hold up to 9TB native capacity.

Quantum LTO 8 Tape


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HPE LTO 8 Tape

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IBM LTO8 Tapes

IBM LTO 8 Tape

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Fujifilm LTO-8 Tape

Fujifilm LTO 8 Tape

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