Synology Servers

At Imagestore we specialise in creating the right bundle package for your NAS solution.

Use the Synology RAID Calculator (Link here) to figure out your specific capacity needs.
We hold most of of the Synology Models in stock and can build these units up and ship next day. 

Contact us with your requirements and whether you want a quote on a specific model. Or browse below for a Bundle package.

Synology DS916+ 4 Bay NAS with 8GB RAM

SKU: DS916+ (8GB)

£470.45 // 58 in Stock

Synology DS1517+ NAS

SKU: DS1517+ (8GB)

£669.32 //

Synology DS1817+ NAS

SKU: DS1817+ (2GB)

£743.18 // in Stock

Synology DiskStation DS415+

SKU: DS415+

£354.44 //

Synology DiskStation DS1815+

SKU: DS1815+

£653.41 // in Stock

Synology DiskStation DS2015xs


£854.55 //

Synology DiskStation DS3615xs


£1,625.56 //

Synology RackStation RS2414RP+

SKU: RS2414RP+

£1,380.00 //